Hello, i am Moin. I'm a freelance website maker & I've a Life to live.


4 Years+

Website Maker

5 Years+

Website Built

- Made 600+ Websites

Graphics Made

- Made 850+ Banners

Projects Done

- 1243+ Project Completed


- 905+ Reviews on Fiverr

Let's work together and make a big change

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Nothing Can SubstituteExperience

Experiencing lots of things to gain wisdom. I’ve been awarded as a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr for making websites and banners. Beside this, I have some other identities as well. I’m passioniate about technology and businesses. So I’m investing on opportunities and building businesses.

Although I started my freelancing career as a graphic designer in 2017 after 1 year of practice. After that, I started making websites for my fiverr clients. Within these 4 years, I’ve built 600+ websites for small and medium businesses with total 1250+ projects completion on Fiverr. Also got maximum badge (Top Rated Seller) -a seller can achieve as a freelancer on Fiverr. 
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I used to be a reputed tutor before starting my freelancing career. I taught high school students and have taken extra classes in a high school too. I enjoy to teach people from my experiences and after serving my skillsets to international clients, I started my mentoring career in September, 2018. Within 3 years, I got 1100+ paid students and 5k+ free students. Among paid students 400+ champs started making money from freelancing and within short time 200+ badges on marketplaces. 
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Doing business is in my family tradition. I made my own empire by gaining knowledge and skills, but I was used to be a middle class guy. I remember selling watermelons, coconuts etc in front of our resturant(family business) in my childhood. However after making some handcash I started learning about technology businesses. In 2019, I established my first IT firm called IdeasyCorp with 5 peoples for graphic designs and website developments services. 
Then in 2020, we fully started our offline operations in a rented flat at Aftabnagar in Dhaka. After survibing in Covid Impact we are now at Uttara with 16+ experts under the same roof. Also holding the CEO position in our web agency called EnvyWebStudio.    
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Alhamdulillah that I’m making enough money for living a happy life by selling my time and skills. Every month also saving some money for investing in various businesses. I’ve invested in lots of businesses so far such as Dropshipping, Local E-Commerce, F-Commerce, Edu Tech Startups,  Charities.
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My skills are formed from years of experience

Doesn’t matter how much money I’m making per month. All that matters to me, ‘Am I being better than last month for being the next billionaire?’ 

2017-2022 Website Designer


Find the perfect freelance services for your business

2018-2022 Mentor/Coach


Learn effective things to make money online. 

2019-2022 Founder


One name for all my initiatives & businesses.

2020-2022 Investor


For Live Class, Workshop & On-demand Bootcamps!

My services as a freelance worker

I usually make any kind of website using raw codes or wordpress, as well as I do graphic projects such as logo design, banners etc. 

WordPress Website

From the CMS of web technology, I love to use WordPress so much. I made more than 500+ websites using wordpress CMS in these 5 years journey of website making. I know HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and other required technology to create any custom wordpress website.

Website Development

I know HTML, CSS, ReactJS, jQuery, JS, PHP, MySQL, Laravel framework and few other required technology to create any kind of custom websites. Previously I develop few custom websites as well for my Fiverr Clients. I’ve worked with 100+ Customly coded websites.

Logo Design

I won’t say that I’m a brand expert or logo specialist but a creative thinker ofcourse. Years of freelance journey I got lots of clients who had nothing but an idea only. I’ve completed 20+ logo projects on Fiverr so far and got 11 projects reviewed and all of them are 5 out of 5 stars.

Banner Design

My online career started as a banner designer and completed more than 550+ banners projects so far and created minimum 1800+ banners for my respected clients. I can make good looking social posts, Facebook Banner/Cover Photo, Youtube Thumbnails,  Youtube Channel Art, Web Banner etc.

Some of my very successful projects

I usually work until the clients’ satisfaction. So every project I’ve completed so far was successful. I’d love to say that these few snaps are my favorite projects where I got my satisfactions.


CEO - Ideasy Corp.

3 Years


2 Years

Failure is success in progress.

It’s never late to start business or invest on anything. In business or investing still I’m a beginner and learning…

Good feedback from my clients

I got 900 reviews on fiverr and overall rating are 5 stars. 

We had little vision about what our website should, but he was able to create a great brand look across the pages with the little details we did give. Would definitely return for more work.
Grey Hamilton
Founder of HamiltonHeat
Absolutely the best web developer out there. I have had dozens of sites made and no one has ever come close to an amazing design as Moin has. He is very talented and I would highly recommend him!
Founder of Movr
Moin always do a great job in delivering project. Very patient and knowledgeable. Good communicator. Always fun to work with him and his team
Achal Gupta
Project Manager of Recozilla
Great work! I have used Moinahmed1 many times now. Fast, efficient, easy to work with, great english and knows what he's doing, period. great site in a few days. Highly recommended.
Founder of Prop Forex Reviews

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